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Cover Image for Game On: A Night of Fun with BLOCKLORDS
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Game On: A Night of Fun with BLOCKLORDS

Hosted by Starbase Accelerator & Metaking Studios
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Since its official launch in September 2023, BLOCKLORDS has achieved several important milestones, including product updates and rapid growth in game users. The game has accumulated over 85,000 downloads, and social influence and community size have expanded several times, with over 300,000 community members.

The growth of BLOCKLORDS is inseparable from the support of all its investors, partners, and players. With the momentum from the April Wanxiang Web3 Festival in Hong Kong, BLOCKLORDS will organize a reception and invite these important partners and friends to participate.

Everyone will collectively experience the growth journey of BLOCKLORDS and take a look at BLOCKLORDS' plans in the global market in the reception. At the same time, we also look forward to everyone sharing their successful experiences and exploring new possibilities in the world of Web3 games!

自 2023 年 9 月正式上线以来,BLOCKLORDS 已经实现了多个重要里程碑,包括产品的更新迭代和游戏用户的快速增长。目前游戏已经累计超过 85,000 次下载,社交影响力和社区规模扩大了数倍,社区成员超过了 300,000 名。

BLOCKLORDS 的成长离不开所有投资者、合作伙伴以及玩家的支持。借助 4 月份万向 Web3 嘉年华的东风,BLOCKLORDS计划组织一场酒会,将邀请重要伙伴共同参与。大家将共同感受 BLOCKLORDS 的成长历程,了解 BLOCKLORDS 在全球市场的计划。同时我们也期待大家分享成功经验,一起探索 Web3 游戏世界的新可能性!

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