Leveraging Technology for HR Agility

Thu, Jan 20, 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM UTC


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If ever there was a time for agility to mean something – especially in the world of the HR profession – it is now.

Agility in HR is beginning to feature more prominently in boardrooms in response to unforeseen circumstances; shifting customer and employee expectations, and challenging market demands. It is not as ethereal as it might sound, as there are founding principles, behaviours and processes that help HR teams become more agile and practice agility in their work. 

More than ever, the mindset of HR Leaders & professionals needs further adjusting to being bolder, more inclusive and more comfortable with unorthodox and creative ways of developing & delivering HR services to create value in an uncertain climate. 

Not just that, HR productivity should be demonstrated beyond the traditional compliance metrics into responsive adaptive practices that are in tune with adjustments of the businesses. Today, the value-creation by HR teams is being measured by the business outcomes that they are delivering. Hence, it is not surprising that there is a stronger need for data-driven decision making by HR teams, and a sharper call from business teams to convert HR data into insight. Agility also comes in how HR can prepare, enable & equip people to deal with digital technologies seamlessly. 

This webinar will take an overview of these global trends, insights and ways for HR teams to become more Agile in their thought, approach and action.

The focus of this webinar is to help HR leaders and practitioners adopt agility-based approaches, suitable for unorthodox and complex situations in an uncertain world of work. 

At the end of the webinar, you will understand

  • Drivers for Agility in HR

  • The meaning of agile HR & how to develop it

    • A Flexibility Approach 

    • Being in a constant state of reimagination, learning, application & development 

    • How to lay the foundation for a shift in mindset & behaviour

  • Ways to refresh operating frames of the HR function that go beyond crisis management 

  • Digitisation and Digitalisation, and their impact on HR Agility. 

    • How HRTech solutions help Business and HR leaders to be more agile in their HR Service delivery, both Tactical and Strategic impact 

    • Implementing new Initiatives leveraging technology that create an adaptable Employee Experience 

    • Sharing of best practices, use cases and case studies of business impact

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