Cover Image for Home Swaps: A Sustainable Household Item Swap
Cover Image for Home Swaps: A Sustainable Household Item Swap
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Home Swaps: A Sustainable Household Item Swap

Hosted by Yelle Belle (she/her)
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New York, New York
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Have too many reusable straws? Don't like your produce bags? Swap your sustainable household items & chat about your sustainable lifestyle.

Welcome to the Sustainable Household Item Swap!

This is like a Clothing Swap for household items. If your plastic-free sponge isn't right for you, drop it off so it can be taken to a new home. Maybe you'll find some reusable cutlery or an extra to-go mug. You can bring a few items and take a few items. You can also arrive with nothing and leave with something :)

Home Hosts

🏠 You're invited to a beautiful loft in Tribeca.

Yelle Belle will be co-hosting this event. She is a Brand Strategist and Climate Content Creator who has been eco-swapping the heck out of her life for the past 5 years. Her cabinets are filled with dry goods in mason jars and she is attached to her reusable coffee cup. Yelle is always on the hunt for the most sustainable household brands like Blueland, Tushy, and Axiology.

Swap Stories

🎙️ Let's exchange swap stories. During this event, you can network with other eco-conscious attendees and chat about their sustainable lifestyles. You'll even get a chance to be a part of a new social media series called "Home Swap Stories" where Yelle will chat with you in the loft's content creation studio about why you've decided to make a household item swap at this event. Follow along on Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Rules of the Swap

🥤 Please bring 0-5 sustainable household items. You don't have to bring anything, but if you do, only bring a max of 5 items that you would love to find during the swap yourself. Were you gifted something you already had? Are you just not using something? Swap it!

Sustainable household items include, but are not limited to:

  • Kitchen gadgets (i.e. composter)

  • Bathroom goodies (i.e. soap bars)

  • Cleaning essentials (i.e. toilet pods)

  • To-go things (i.e. reusable cutlery)


🫶 Items that have not been claimed will be donated to Housing Works.

More Details

  • Vegan snacks & non-alcoholic beverages will be provided

  • This will be a minimal-waste event

  • Location: Loft in Tribeca (Address shared after ticket purchase)

  • Questions? Email

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New York, New York
27 Going