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Webinar "Building Customized CV Applications with FiftyOne Plugins"

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Data Phoenix team invites you all to our upcoming webinar that’s going to take place on November 2, 8 am PST.

  • Topic: Building Customized Computer Vision Applications with FiftyOne Plugins

  • Speaker: Jacob Marks (ML Engineer and Developer Evangelist at Voxel51)

  • Participation: free (but you’ll be required to register)

FiftyOne is the leading open source solution for curating and visualizing computer vision data. With FiftyOne Plugins, you can now build custom computer vision applications in no time. From concept interpolation to building your AI art gallery, and even LLM-powered , FiftyOne Plugins give you the power to create gradio-style applications with data at their core. Join us to discover how you can unleash your creativity and interact with data like never before.


Jacob Marks is a Machine Learning Engineer and Developer Evangelist at Voxel51. At Voxel51, Jacob created VoxelGPT — an LLM-powered AI assistant for computer vision. In addition, he leads open source efforts in vector search, semantic search, and generative AI. He is a Top 10 writer in AI on Medium, with 2,300+ followers.

Prior to joining Voxel51, Jacob worked at Google X, Samsung Research, and Wolfram Research. In a past life, he was a theoretical physicist: in 2022, he completed his Ph.D. at Stanford, where he investigated quantum phases of matter.