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Automation for Creators by IndieThinkers

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Writers and creators publishing on a regular basis have to repeat certain manual tasks over and over again.

It doesn’t seem like much but it all adds up.

Most writers and creators don’t realize how much time and creative energy they can save with a few simple automations.

Join us and save yourself hours and hours of time and energy every month.

In this workshop, Justin will :

  • provide an overview of automation best practices for writers and creators

  • present a survey of the current automation landscape and different tools and services you should be aware of

  • lay out some frameworks for thinking about what you should automate and when

  • go over some particular examples related to writing, podcasting, Youtube, and curatorial newsletters

  • leave plenty of time for questions and exploring the best solutions to your problems

There are no required readings for this session but to get the most of your experience please come with questions and particular pain points.