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CITF Annual Conference: The Evolving Workplace

Nov 11 (Thu), 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Coordinated Universal Time (+1 more)


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Nov 11 · Thu
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CITF2021 Annual Conference: The Evolving Workplace 

If you are interested in participating in worthwhile conversations with technology leaders, join our annual conference. We used the input from our member organisations and curated a wide range of topics to be covered by our fantastic speakers. As innovative technology opportunities are emerging, organisations should not forget that their people and their unique capabilities are one of most valuable resources. Hence the focus of the conference will be this year on the human factor.  

The traditional notion of the workplace is no longer and as we embrace changes, a flexible mindset and an openness to continually evolve is necessary. 

This conference offers opportunities to connect with industry leaders as well as your peers, to exchange ideas and experiences and even find answers to some of the questions you have.  

As you continue to expand your knowledge and skills, CITF is a pillar that provides practical learning and further development opportunities to support you along the way. 


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The majority of sessions will be delivered live and have been designed to drive interactivity and engagements with the speakers throughout the session. The individual conference session timings will also enable delegates to dip in and out of sessions that are suited to them (most sessions will run for a maximum 25 minutes).  

Please contact [email protected] if you have any further questions or queries.