Cover Image for Breaking into Engineering | ADPList Amsterdam 🇳🇱(Powered by Catawiki & LottieFiles)
Cover Image for Breaking into Engineering | ADPList Amsterdam 🇳🇱(Powered by Catawiki & LottieFiles)
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Breaking into Engineering | ADPList Amsterdam 🇳🇱(Powered by Catawiki & LottieFiles)

Past Event
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About Event

About the Event

🎉 Join us for our inaugural City Chapter Event in Amsterdam!

⚙️ This panel event, sponsored and hosted by Catawiki, titled Breaking into Engineering will focus on equipping junior engineers with some key takeaways that will help them land their first (or next) entry-level engineering job.

We'll start the event with an informal meet and greet, following which, 3 amazing early career engineers from Catawiki will share their Success Stories with us.

Following this, we will have a panel discussion on landing your first engineering job, and we'll get to hear useful tips, tricks, and different perspectives, from our panelists - a mix of Junior Engineers and Engineering Managers.

​​​​⚡️ Hurry up to register—this event has limited capacity, and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

​​🌮 Food and drinks will be provided with time for networking and connection!

💬 Here are the awesome speakers you’ll get to listen to and interact with:

Success Stories


Discussion Takeaways

  • How to stand out as a junior engineer

  • What do hiring managers look for in successful junior engineer candidates

  • Hear from successful junior engineers about their journeys

  • Meet and get introduced to potential hiring managers

  • Potentially get hired as a junior engineer

Ask your questions in advance!

We value your participation and want to ensure our event addresses the topics most important to you. To help us prioritise and organise the discussion, please submit your questions in advance using the QR code provided.

Join Slido at

Spotlight Opportunity

We are excited to announce a special spotlight opportunity for three lucky participants! This is your chance to pitch yourself, showcase your skills, and share your passions with the community.

How it works?

  • Registration: On the event day, during registration, you can submit your name for the spotlight drawing.

  • Selection: At the end of the panel, while everyone enjoys food and drinks, we will draw three names.

  • Pitch: Each selected participant will have four minutes to speak. Just bring your enthusiasm.

Why participate?

This is a wonderful opportunity to highlight your skills and passions in front of a supportive audience and potential hiring managers. We encourage you to come prepared and make the most of this unique chance. You never know where your next job opportunity might come from.

About ADPList

ADPList is a global community of mentors and learners, founded in 2021 with a mission to democratize mentorship for all. It has since grown to 25,000+ mentors who have mentored more than 100 million minutes in 141 countries across the globe. Our meetups are great opportunities to meet new people, build community, and talk shop.

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Our Partners

All ADPList Chapter Events are free and accessible to all, thanks to our generous sponsors.

🌎 Our Global Partner is LottieFiles
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🇳🇱 Our Local Partner is Catawiki
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Big thanks to the ADPList Amsterdam Ambassadors for organizing and hosting this event!

🏆 City Host: Balasubramanyn Meenakshisundaram
📣 Speaker Lead: Oguz Boz
⛲️ Venue Lead: Ibrahim Dauda
🥬 Nourishment Lead: John-Paul Henry
🪄 Creative Lead: Derya Donmez

Sint Jorissteeg 2, floor 4
1012 XV Amsterdam, Netherlands
The entrance is from the narrow alley. Look for the event poster.
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