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About Event

本页面报名者仅可参加本场活动,即 TON at Web3 Festival。


​Tickets you register on this page can only give you access to TON at Web3 Festival.

​You can check in with your e-ticket after 9:00, Apr.8, i.e. 1 hour before the event starts.

About Event

We’re thrilled to announce TON’s title sponsorship of the Web3 Festival in Hong Kong, co-hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and HashKey Group. On April 8, 2024, join us on the main stage for a day packed with insightful talks from TON Foundation, Telegram, @Wallet, along with various ecosystem projects, developers, founders, and investors. More details will be announced soon.

Throughout the festival, representatives from TON Foundation and ecosystem projects will be available at the conference booth to chat with developers and share insights on working within the TON Ecosystem. For those unable to attend in person, all main stage talks will be livestreamed on The Open Network YouTube channel. 

Get ready for giveaways, quizzes, product demos, and a chance to win valuable prizes!

Join us at the Main Stage, on April 8th, for this event.


Bootcamp Demo Day

10:00-10:05 — Opening, Host: Nina小耳朵, Co-Founder of Knowhere Media

10:05-10:13 — Universal Basic Phone: How to use blockchain to bring digital equity to all!
Howard, CEO of Oyster Labs

10:13-10:21 — Building the infrastructure for liquidity distribution on TON
James, Head of BD, Tradoor

10:21-10:29 — Empower Entertainment Industry with Web3 on Telegram
Luke, Founder of TONTIX

10:29-10:37 — No Code Deployment on TON via Telegram
Charles Tan, Chief Strategy Officer of Xircus

10:37-10:45 — Unveiling the power of social commerce in Telegram
HM, Founder of BountyBay

Asian Community & Early Adopters

10:45-11:05 — Inscription Panel
Lucas, TONOT Founder
Alex, FairTON Contributer
Maxwell, TownSquare Community Core Contributer
Vivi, Lead of Research, APAC TON Foundation

11:05-11:20 — Tonkeeper and TonAPI: Making TON Technology User-Friendly for the Masses
Oleg Illarionov, CPO & co-founder at Tonkeeper

11:20-11:30 — TownSquare Community: Boosting The Mandarin-Speaking TON Developer Ecosystem
Maxwell, TownSquare Core Contributor

11:30-11:45 — Launch any game on Telegram
Daria Novikova, CPO of TON Play

11:45-12:00 — TON's achievement in Asia and TON society HK
John, Lead of APAC TON Foundation
Jessie, Lead of TON HK Society

Intro to TON Ecosystem

13:30-13:45 — TON — the Web3 in Telegram & Incentive Program Steve Yun, President of TON Foundation
Anthony Tsivarev, Director of Ecosystem Development at TON Foundation

13:45-14:10 — Wallet in Telegram
Andrew Rogozov, Founding Member of TON Foundation, CEO of TOP labs

14:10-14:25 — TON for developers: Build Your Next Killer App
Xiu, Ecosystem Marketing Lead, TON Foundation

14:25-14:40 — TON's 2024 Roadmap & Asian Expansion
Dr. Awesome Doge, Founding member of TON Core Dev team

14:40-14:55 — Panel Discussion
Steve Yun, President of TON Foundation
Andrew Rogozov, Founding Member of TON Foundation, CEO of TOP Labs
Jack Booth, Director of Marketing, TON Foundation

Successful Stories and Lessons from the Pioneer

14:55-15:10 — Notcoin Phenomenon
Sasha, Founder of Notcoin, CEO of Open Builders

15:10-15:25 — Unlock the Secret to Launching an Impact Mini-Game on Telegram
David Mak, CEO of Pluto & Catizen

15:25-15:40 — Maximizing TON DeFi potential through the OmniSTON protocol
Martin Masser, CBDO of

15:40-15:55 — ShareON - A Open & Monetized "Channel" Network for 1 billion users
Niles, APAC Marketing Lead of ShareON & ReadON

15:55-16:10 — Decentralized Signatures Meet Global Scalability: EthSign and TON's Unified Vision
Potter, Co-founder of EthSign

16:10-16:25 — Insights in TON ecosystem from an Investor
Kevin Hu, Portfolio Manager of Brevan Howard Digital

16:25-16:45 — Investor Panel
Kevin Hu, Portfolio Manager of Brevan Howard Digital
Xiao Xiao, Partner of HashKey Capital
Issa, Investment Director of MEXC ventures
Jason, Founder of Folius Ventures

How to Start Developing on TON

16:45-17:00 — TON Smart Contract & Telegram Mini-apps
Howard, DevRel Asian Lead, TON Foundation

17:00-17:15 — Global Reputation System for TON community
Ekin Tuna, Director of TON Society,
Tim, Co-founder of Humancode AI

17:15-17:30 — Shaping Tomorrow: TONFURA API and the Dawn of the Super Era
Dr. Awesome Doge, Co-founder of TONX Studio

17:30-17:45 — Telegram + TON > WeChat? The Future of Finance must be Fun
0x0_Emily, Head of Ecosystem Growth, PixelSwap

17:45-18:00 — Closing and raffle resultsHost: Nina小耳朵, Co-Founder of Knowhere Media

香港會議展覽中心3樓,Hall3FG,主會場/ Mainstage, Hall3FG, 3F, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
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