Cover Image for 2024香港Web3嘉年華/ Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024
Cover Image for 2024香港Web3嘉年華/ Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024
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About Event


香港Web3嘉年華是由萬向區塊鏈實驗室、HashKey Group聯合推出的Web3活動品牌,由W3ME承辦。2024香港Web3嘉年華將圍繞Web3各個賽道的核心議題,邀請全球最聰明的大腦、最熱門和最具潛力的專案分享Web3技術方案;也將邀請知名投資機構參與其中,更有監管機構代表深度解析監管政策,明晰發展邊界。同時,秉承Web3開放合作精神,主辦方還將招募合作夥伴,共建活動內容,共謀發展。


About Event:

Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024 co-hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and HashKey Group and organised by W3ME will bring together the world’s brightest minds, top Web3 projects and leading venture capitals presenting content-rich discussions and topics about Web3. Representatives from Hong Kong regulatory bodies will also join and share their insights into the latest digital asset regulation and policies. Adhering to the Web3 spirits of openness and cooperation, we will invite partners to plan and organize part of the activities together for mutual development.

* This event is open to visitors and exhibitors aged 18 and above.


If you wish to buy tickets via USDT, please click the link below to get an NFT pass at our PortUS store.

PortUS官方小店/PortUS Store



Attention: You can only buy 1 ticket every time. One email address can only be bounded to 1 ticket. If you wish to buy several tickets or buy the tickets on behalf of others, please try to buy the tickets separately and use different email addresses.

We will send the e-ticket to the email address you provide in the registration page. Please make sure the email address you provide is correct and valid.




Please show the QR code on your e-ticket(s) to claim your badge(s) at the registration area of the event. The badge(s) will be the only certificate to attend the event. Please do not transfer the badge(s) to others and keep the badge(s) save. They cannot be replaced if they are lost. No meals and drinks are included in the tickets.


請在您購票時登記的郵箱中查收由Web3Festival發出的2024香港Web3嘉年華報名確認函,點擊郵件中的My Ticket按鈕,即可獲得電子票二維碼。請將此電子票二維碼圖片提前截圖保存或打印出來,方便活動當天簽到使用。

How to get your e-ticket(s)?

Please check the Registration Confirmation for Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024 in the email you used for ticket registration. Click the button My ticket in this confirmation email and then you will see your e-ticket(s). Please screenshot or print your e-ticket in advance to make your check-in easier and quicker at the event.




If you have any questions about the event or want to become our partners, please contact us via


1、發送購票付款憑證、開票公司抬頭、稅號至大會郵箱: 申請發票。郵件主題請注明:2024香港Web3嘉年華發票申請。


Get Invoice

1. Send the screenshots of your ticket payment, company name and tax number to with the email subject of Apply for Invoice of Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024.

2. Invoices will be sent to you within 15 working days after the event.



2、如需退票,請在2024年4月4日24時前發送活動退票申請至, 2024年4月4日24時後不接受退款。

3、如因不可抗力導致活動時間變更或取消,退票免手續費。需要辦理退票的使用者,可發郵件至, 會有相應的工作人員為您處理相關事宜。

Ticket Refund Policy

1. If attendees wish to cancel your attendance and get a refund out of personal reasons, a 10% refund service fee will be charged.

2. If you wish to refund your ticket(s), please send a refund application to before 12pm UTC+8, 4 Apr. 2024. Any refunds issued after 12pm UTC+8, 4 Apr.2024 will not be dealt with.

3. If you wish to refund your ticket(s) as the event is rescheduled or cancelled due to force majeure, no refund service fee will be charged. You can email us at to issue a refund.  We will deal with your applications when we receive the emails.

香港會議展覽中心3樓,Hall3FG/ Hall3FG, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
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