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Art for Change: Climate Refugees Lunar Art Collection

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Join us for an unprecedented fusion of art, activism, and innovation as we unveil 'The Climate Refugees Art Collection,' taking a giant leap from Earth to the Moon to spotlight the urgency of climate change.


  • Michael P. Nash Artist and Award Winning Filmaker

  • Dallas Santana, CEO of SpaceBlue and Curator for Lunaprise Moon Museum

  • Scott Spiegel, CEO and Founder of BitBasel

  • Scarlett Arana, Founder of BitBasel

What is the Climate Refugees project? 

The genesis of this endeavor can be traced back to Michael P. Nash's groundbreaking documentary, "Climate Refugees." The film premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, and went on to screen around the world winning many domestic and international awards. Climate Refugees illuminated the human face of climate change, becoming an instrument for change, screened by Presidents, Prime Ministers, policymakers and global distribution on Netflix. This powerful cinematic work illuminated the human impact of climate change, giving a voice to the victims of our changing climate. For his work, the filmmaker was hailed by MovieMaker Magazine in 2010 as one of the "Top 10 Filmmakers For The Planet."

Based on assets from the film, SpaceBlue has curated artists from around the world to collaborate with Nash on an art collection titled “The Climate Refugees Art Collection,” The collection's goal is to drive attention to this global issue. Creating content for positive change is something important to Michael Nash,  who sits on an Advisory Board for the United Nations that focuses on creating narratives that drive positive change. The shared goal of catalyzing global change is the driving force behind the collaboration between Space Blue and BitBasel, as they unite to offer support to artists within the community.

Along with the “Climate Refugees Art Collection”, the film has been curated into the Lunaprise time capsule headed to the surface of the moon. In addition, the film team is currently in conversations about producing a sequel to the film.

The Lunaprise Mission led by Space Blue will launch digital copies of the completed artwork to the Moon Museum making history and bringing further attention to climate change and this important art collaboration. Bitbasel will launch its clean energy source bitcoin art platform during Miami Art Week 2023 and will host the bitcoin art projects.


Heartist, Edsen, Michael Nash, Joey Finch, Issac Murdoch, NFT Blue Studios (Dallas Santana), Scott Hattox, Dias, Danny Merks, Fernando Allende, Sea Sirens/Priscilla D'Brito, Nadine Casanova, Alejandra Soler, Zamurovic Brothers, Kat Nowak, Bram Reijnders, Veru Narula, Molly Filo, Alvina, Godric Reign / Collaboration with Mavensa.


and more

...and more...

DIGITAL COLLECTION: Michael Nash, Wais,, Bram Reijnders

Including the Lunar Edition Stamp Art: OPEN EDITION NFT

..the first stamps to be sent to the moon since Apollo 14.


Bitcoin Ordinal Inscription Ceremony: One of the original sketches done by Climate Refugees Director Michael P. Nash created for the documentary will be inscribed as a Bitcoin ordinal. Discussions on how renewable energy is used in Bitcoin mining or ordinals will help build the narrative for the future global economy and artwork.