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Hiring Up: 2022

Hosted by CQEL
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About Event

Hiring in child care is so challenging right now. Even seasoned hiring managers are struggling to find great candidates.

This seminar addresses hiring head-on, training you to use the latest hiring technologies, finding candidates where others aren’t looking, and ultimately hiring great staff.

Note: this cohort-based training series is limited to 200 attendees to keep the quality top-notch. Reserve your seat now.

Who this is for

This training series is designed for child care managers who have hired before and need to make at least one critical hire in the next 6 months.

How it works

We know sometimes hiring can’t wait, so we’re making the whole Hiring Up training available on day one, July 7th. You can watch all of the training in one sitting and get a major boost in your hiring.

You’ll also be teamed up with a cohort group of child care managers, who will be your “team”. You’ll develop & share your hiring goals in the first week, then meet weekly to discuss your progress, that weeks’ on-demand training, and share helpful tips and tricks.

You'll learn how to:
- Use new hiring technologies to find candidates where few are looking 
- Build hiring ads that attract more candidates
- Develop staffing plans so you’re not stuck short-handed
- Create simple systems to reduce time spent on repetitive hiring tasks 
- Personalize your hiring to Gen Z 

Participating in the weekly cohort sessions is now optional, but encouraged. These discussions are designed to dive deeper into the training content, ask questions, and share resources with peers. Even if you can’t attend, we’ll share the resources.

If you attend Hiring Up, you'll take away new skills and knowledge that will save your organization thousands of dollars and many hours of work. 

At just $185 for members and just $205 for non-members, this training series is a no-brainer.