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Hiring Up Summer Seminar

Jul 8 (Thu), 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time (+3 more)


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Jul 8 · Thu
5:00 PM
Jul 15 · Thu
5:00 PM
Jul 22 · Thu
5:00 PM
Jul 29 · Thu
5:00 PM
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Event Information

Hiring in child care is so challenging right now. Even seasoned hiring managers are struggling to find great candidates.

This seminar addressing hiring head-on, training you to use the latest hiring technologies, find candidates where others aren’t looking, and ultimately hire great staff.

Note: this cohort-based training is limited to 200 attendees to keep the quality top-notch. Reserve your seat now.

Who this is for

This training is designed for child care managers who have hired before and need to make at least one critical hire in the next 6 months.

How it works

This training is part on-demand and part cohort-based learning.

You’ll be enrolled in 4 weeks of online on-demand classes. You’ll also be teamed up with a cohort group of child care managers, who will be your “team”. You’ll develop & share your hiring goals in the first week, then meet weekly to discuss your progress, that weeks’ on-demand training, and share helpful tips and tricks.