Cover Image for Highlander Kick-OFF 2023!
Cover Image for Highlander Kick-OFF 2023!

Highlander Kick-OFF 2023!

Hosted by Kaniesa Deswal & 4 others
Past Event
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About Event

⚙️Join us at our first event of the 2023-24 season, where we’ll be introducing you to new learning opportunities and our future events! ⚙️

We will be offering high school students to explore hardware, software, and robotics stations ⚡. New members can start building their foundations in hardware and circuitry, while those with experience can build a fun robotics project! In addition, students can also get a preview of upcoming workshops, play Engineering Trivia, and network with fellow aspiring innovators and engineers 🤝!

Furthermore, we will also be having SideFX, a company that focuses on 3D modelling, animation, and game development, join us at our launch event as a guest speaker! 🎮🕹️

Let's innovate together :)


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