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7-Sundays to Reading Hebrew. With Ronit & Rabbi Brian.

Hosted by Rabbi Brian
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  • 4 sessions — Learning the 22 letters and vowels

  • 3 sessions — Practice reading

Yes, you will be reading within the first four classes.


All classes are recorded and you will have access to watch as needed.

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Sundays are 11 am PST


You want to read the Torah and the prayers in the original Hebrew but the language seems complicated. In 7 online sessions, Judaic Scholars Ronit Scheyer & Rabbi Brian will have you reading sacred texts in the original Hebrew.

Come learn with others live, via online courses, for a community-type experience that teaches you how to read one of the world’s oldest living languages. Get it done in 7 weeks for only $108.

In 7 weeks you will...

  • Learn the building blocks of Hebrew

  • Read Hebrew prayers

  • Read Torah in the original Hebrew

  • Read Mishnah in the original Hebrew

  • Connect to 1000’s of years of Judaism 

  • Read street signs in Israel