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Health Tech Connect - How to successfully navigate the US and Australian health ecosystem

Hosted by Cristina & 3 others
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Are you a part of the bio, med, or health tech world, with your sights set on expanding to the USA or collaborating with American teams and partners? We've tailored this Health Tech Connect for you.

This event is your pass to a behind-the-scenes chat where industry peers will open up about their personal experiences and proven strategies, when navigating both the American and Australian health ecosystems, helping you avoid common obstacles.

Join Dr Katja Beitat, Cicada's Head of Health Tech, in a conversation with Eric Davis, Senior Health Executive, and Maryam Parvitz, CEO and Co-founder at SDIP, exploring the real trial and tribulations when crisscrossing the two countries.

There's nothing quite like learning from lived experiences, and we're here to unveil the strategies—both official and unofficial—that have proven to be game-changers for our guests and many others in these ecosystems.

Meet our speakers

Eric Davis - Senior Health Executive with global marketing and commercialisation experience with Abbott, Cochlear, Johnson & Johnson

Eric Davis is a "Blue Ocean Strategy" marketing innovation leader -an "energiser" and "connector" - with three decades of experience in healthcare, with a particular focus on intrepreneurship in big medical device companies, especially relating to the incubation and commercialisation of new products.

Most recently, Eric was Division Vice President of Abbott's Rapid Diagnostics business unit which was the global leader COVID-19 testing. In prior lives, Eric led Commercial Innovation for Abbott Diabetes Care, responsible for the definition and upstream commercial planning for Freestyle Libre, and was Vice President of Global Portfolio Strategy at Cochlear in Sydney. Eric is an Australian Permanent Resident via the Distinguished Talent Program for Innovation, and is brainstorming ideas to come back to Australia to make an impact in the medical products start-up world.

Maryam Parvitz, CEO and Co-founder at SDIP

Dr Maryam Parviz is the co-founder and CEO at “SDIP Innovations” with more than 12 years’ experience in the Biomaterial field. She received BSc and MSc degree in Biomedical Engineering from Tehran Polytechnic. Maryam received her PhD on implantable electrodes from the University of New South Wales in Australia sponsored by one of the most prestigious Australian scholarships, UIPA.

She has been trained on commercialisation of medical devices and worked with medical device startups on research translation before founding SDIP in 2018. Since then Maryam has contributed in securing angel and grant investments, development of new JAZBI`s formula and designs, the establishment of the company QA system and the formation of the expert team on the business and clinical sides who can take JAZBI products to surgeon`s hand. In 2019, Maryam and her co-founder were awarded $1M (AUD) by NSW Health- QB3/UCSF Rosenman to operate SDIP Innovations from San Francisco with the vision of providing improved patient outcomes globally and reserving the hospital capacities for emergencies and essential operations.

Come and join us for an evening at Cicada Innovations and an opportunity to connect with founders, funders and industry.