Cover Image for Pear VC: Healthcare x AI Panel with Google's Med-PaLM2's Vivek Natarajan and Valar Labs Founder, Viswesh Krishna

Pear VC: Healthcare x AI Panel with Google's Med-PaLM2's Vivek Natarajan and Valar Labs Founder, Viswesh Krishna

Hosted by Vivien Ho, Vivek Natarajan & Kaitlin Shavey
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Menlo Park, California
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​Note: We're at full capacity (100 people) for our venue - thank you!

Vivien, Pear Healthcare Partner will lead an in person- panel discussion with Vivek Natarajan, AI researcher on Google's Med-PaLM2 and Viswesh Krishna, CTO and Founder of Valar Labs, and then have an evening of mingling and small bites! Note: we won't have zoom for the session so please come if you can!

ABOUT VIVEK: Vivek is a Research Scientist at Google Health AI advancing biomedical AI to help scale world class healthcare to everyone. Vivek is particularly interested in building large language models and multimodal foundation models for biomedical applications and leads the Google Brain moonshot behind Med-PaLM, Google's flagship medical large language model. Med-PaLM has been featured in The Scientific American, The Economist, STAT News, CNBC, Forbes, New Scientist among others. Vivek graduated his masters from UT Austin in Computer Science and Bachelors at National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli.

ABOUT VISWESH: Viswesh is the CTO and Founder of Valar Labs. Valar Labs is building clinical grade deep learning to analyze each patient's characteristics and provide clarity to oncologists during decision making. Their AI is built with oncologists at the center and provides interpretable and actionable insights. Prior to founding Valar Labs, Viswesh was a Research Assistant in Stanford's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL) leveraging cutting edge artificial intelligence to solve healthcare problems. He was also the founder of Kanna, a patented and clinically-validated method to detect Amblyopia in children in India. Viswesh graduated his bachelors in Computer Science at Stanford.


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