heART Journaling Sept/Oct 2022



This event is sold out and no longer taking registrations.

Event Information

Event Information
In a nurturing and supportive environment, explore the wisdom of your own inner landscape and the power of art journaling to help you process life.  This collective and spiritual experience illuminates life's deep themes. Through both a gentle flow and silently witnessing each other, you'll experience the invitation to shift perspectives and gain insights.  

What participants have to say about heART Journaling with LJ:

“The sheer beauty of seeing how someone creates and describes their experience in such a non-judgmental and vulnerable state creates compassion in me. Then I can feel some of that towards myself.”

“I experienced permission, freedom and gentle encouragement to go further in exploring and sharing.”

“I really appreciate hearing others say my truth in words I can’t quite articulate. It’s the Zeitgeist we are all experiencing in similar ways.”

​Sessions description
Each group session begins with a simple art warm-up that provides creative inspiration, especially for those who are not particularly artistic. Then participants relax into a guided meditation and the meditative flow of creation with an emphasis on process rather than on producing a piece of art. After journaling, participants are invited to share and to be silently and lovingly witnessed. After a second round of journaling on intentions, prayers and/or next steps each person’s wishes are sent off with the collective power of the words “May it be so.”

​​No matter your level of artistic skill, no matter your previous relation to spirituality, you may be surprised at what emerges when you allow yourself to relax into creative flow. You can attend as many of these workshops as you'd like to!

​​Things to know:

  • ​These classes will be held on Zoom.​

  • ​This series is not sequential. Drop in to as many as you like.

  • ​Please bring a journal (or paper) and any art materials that you’d like to work with (this can simply be a pen or pencil).

  • ​Also, please ensure you have a quiet space to create.

A suggested offering is $15-$25 per session or $50-$80 for four consecutive sessions. The full sliding scale is $0-$50, please pay what you comfortably and generously can.

Please go ahead and pay via Paypal to [email protected], LJ Boswell on Venmo, or inquire about sending a check.

For questions and more information: [email protected]/www.spiritheals.me