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Ambassador Program - Nova Scotia

Hosted by Mélissa Gutiérrez (elle/la/she/her), ICTC-CTIC & Vanessa Thomas (she/her/elle)
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Gain practical ideas, tools & resources to implement Equity, Diversity & Inclusion within your own organization 

​Join ICTC on November 8th for this in-person kick-off regional event in Halifax.

This event will provide:  

  • ​An overview of ICTC and the Ambassador Program  

  • ​A panel discussion  

  • ​A networking session 

  • ​Lunch is on us! 

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Want to attract more women to your workplace?

​Despite recent trying times, the digital economy in Canada continued to demonstrate strong resiliency bolstered by a rapid digital transformation across many industry sectors. As a result, employment in the digital economy grew 23.5% above pre-pandemic levels compared to the overall economy, creating well-paying jobs and economic prospects for Canadians. But, as highlighted in “Gender Equity in Canada’s Tech Ecosystem” report, funded by the Government of Canada, despite making up 47% of Canada’s workforce, the share of women in tech has stagnated at less than 30% for the last ten years.

What is the Ambassador Program?

​ICTC’s Ambassador Program aims to support women in leadership positions and promote gender equity within the digital economy. The Ambassador Program provides employers with key tools to support women in their organization. The program, specifically tailored to the challenges faced by women in tech roles in Canada’s digital economy, will help guide your organization implement processes to support, attract, and retain women in your organization.

​​Does my organization qualify?  

  • Applications must be from a registered Canadian business or not-for-profit organization. 

  • Your organization must be in the technology industry and/or offer tech related roles (includes a digital or technology component and uses technology in some capacity).

  • The applicant must live in the Halifax area for in-person activities or anywhere in Nova Scotia for virtual activities.

 What’s in it for you?  

  • Get simple tools and strategies you can use to begin making your recruitment strategies and workplaces more inclusive.  

  • Expand your hiring pool and improve your organization’s competitive edge with strategies to support, attract, and retain gender diverse staff. 

  • Hear firsthand workplace stories and lived experiences from women in the tech industry and leaders in gender equity support organizations.  

  • Build your network across Canada’s tech ecosystem and connect with women and men committed to making actionable changes for gender equity. 

  • Grow as a gender equity ally by creating a more supportive and inclusive workplace. 

  • The program is free and self-paced, allowing you to increase support for women according to your organization’s capacity and in your own time.  

Our Guest Speakers:

Ann Divine, MA, BA (hons), CEO, Consultant, Thought Leader and Speaker, Ashanti Leadership & Professional Development Services Inc.

Simone Le Gendre-King, Director of Immigration Programs, Government of Nova Scotia 

Tanya Lush, Director of Workforce Development, COVE

Tia Upshaw, Founder, Bik Women in excellence 

Alexandria Chiasson, Partnership Coordinator, ICTC (moderator) 

Read the full report here:
ict001genderreportdesignfnl-2.pdf (

​ ​​The Ambassador Program is funded by the Government of Canada.