Cover Image for LLM Zoomcamp 2024 Pre-Course Live Q&A
Cover Image for LLM Zoomcamp 2024 Pre-Course Live Q&A
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About Event

Join us for an interactive Q&A session about the LLM Zoomcamp, our free online course about real-life applications of large language models (LLMs). You will learn how to build an AI bot answering questions about your knowledge base. No previous exposure to AI or ML is required!

This event is perfect for anyone curious about the LLM Zoomcamp and considering registering.

You'll have the opportunity to:

  • Ask direct questions and gain insights into large language models

  • Learn about course assignments, scoring, and how to receive feedback

  • Get tips on how to navigate the course materials effectively

Ask your questions directly to the instructor, Alexey Grigorev, who designed the course!

About the speaker:

Alexey is the founder of DataTalks.Club — a community of 54,000+ data enthusiasts.

Alexey wrote a few books about machine learning. One of them is Machine Learning Bookcamp — a book for software engineers who want to get into machine learning.

This is going to be the first iteration of the LLM Zoomcamp. Be among the first who’ll see the course contents! Register using this form.

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