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Hardware Connect 2023

Hosted by Cristina & 5 others
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Mastering the world of hardware can be tough, and it's no surprise why. Many startups have faced setbacks because they couldn't handle the complexities of manufacturing and supply chains when it’s time to bring a physical product to market at scale.

Successfully integrating highly technical hardware businesses into supply chains is now vital for improving efficiency, cutting costs, and fostering innovation. However, entering an established supply chain and finding your spot is far from simple.

Join our next Hardware Connect to unpack this together with Anthony Burch, from Morse Micro, Ameneh Sadeghpour, from Navbit, and Robert Martin, from Indyn to:

  • Explore the strategies and best practices for seamlessly your technology into the broader supply chain ecosystem

  • Delve into the challenges and opportunities that arise when integrating complex hardware solutions

  • Discuss how they can catalyse value addition at every step of the supply chain.

Come along and discover how understanding this complexity can be your compass to navigate the challenging seas of new product launches and scale your hardware business to success.

Join us for our series of Hardware Connect events, hosted at Cicada Innovations. Immerse yourself in Sydney's hardware startup community while listening to experts' viewpoints and connecting with key people across the sector.

An event for the Sydney hardware startup community hosted by hardware entrepreneurs.