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Do you suffer from tight hamstrings? (The group of three muscles at the back of your legs) Lots of running and walking will seize up these muscles and restrict blood flow. 5 years ago I couldn't touch my toes because years of running had restricted my lower back movement. Every morning was an effort to drag my stiff body out of bed! Then I found some stretches which really helped. The main issue was getting myself to do them...

It wasn't an easy process but over time and with persistence I managed to balance my body and the stiffness went away. Most importantly, my running became easier, my recovery is much faster. And it was like I had discovered the secret weapon.

That's what this class is all about...

Welcome to Hamstrings Freedom, your new secret weapon to becoming a more mobile healthier version of you!

Likewise, beat your personal goals with faster recovery times. Because when we take the time to allow for deep stretch recovery, we reap the benefits on our long term health and instead of breaking down over time we actually come back stronger each time!

  • Experience amazing results with just 30 minutes effort per week

  • Stretch from the comfort of your home, meaning you will save time on travel

  • Improve flexibility, release stress and improve sleep

  • Connect with the teacher and other class members with after class Q&A

This is the science of stretching at its best. My name David Baylie and each week I will guide you through a 30 minute deep stretch class that will expand your muscles flexibility and it is also my hope to expand your mind in the process. And all from the comfort of your own home!

Don't worry if you can't join us live... A recording of the class will be sent out incase you miss the live session or just want to repeat the session.

Stay bendy!