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Hack This Fall 2024 🐿 36 Hour In-Person Hackathon! 💻

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🍁 About Hack This Fall

Hack This Fall is one of the most welcoming, inclusive, and thriving hacker communities in India. It was started in 2020 with a mindset of encouraging new hackers to build unique projects regardless of the technology or field. The primary focus of Hack This Fall is to create meaningful experiences using technology and enjoy the process of building them while solving societal and environmental issues through the projects.

We aim to help hackers succeed in their professional journey by giving them a platform to showcase their skills, meet like-minded people, learn in public, and grow together. The Hack This Fall community strongly embodies the values of inclusivity and diversity at its core and reflects these values across all its community events.

Join us for the fourth edition of Hack This Fall Hackathon. It is a 36-hour in-person hackathon. You can find more information below.

⚡️ Hackathon Details

We initiated the Hack This Fall Hackathon with the goal of fostering a beginner-friendly environment where people of diverse backgrounds can collaborate and create meaningful projects, offering a true hackathon experience.

With three successful seasons of our flagship event in the bag, we are thrilled to welcome hackers from all backgrounds and skills at Hack This Fall 4.0 powered by Orkes!

🏆 Hackathon Prizes

To be announced soon!

❓ Frequently Asked Questions:

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In case you have any further questions, you can reach out to us on our Discord Server in the #🍁〡ask-htf-team channel or email us at! We're always ready to answer all your questions.