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Hacking Models: Show & Tell

Hosted by Kawandeep & 6 others
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San Francisco, California
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Hacking Models is the ethos of the Homebrew Computer Club, but for those building with A.I. Curious tinkerers with a desire to make new things.

We’re throwing a Generative AI Show & Tell at NFX! For people experimenting and building out ideas in this space and those who want to check them out, let’s meet up! Bring your creative sketches, your AI experiments, your hacks built on LLMs, your unique prototypes. You’re welcome to show things in progress too, get feedback, and jam on ideas, or just come and see what folks are sharing.

Think happy hour + science fair style. We’ll have a bunch of tables, bring a laptop, open it up, and share what you’ve made. Sign up here if you’d like to set up and show your project, space is limited.

Please RSVP. Note, admittance depending on capacity — come at the start to guarantee entrance. Preference on attendance for those sharing a project.

Note that this event follows the JSConf code of conduct.