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💥💥The 11th Hackathon has begun! 💥💥

​📌 Solana Consumer Hack is a series of sponsored hackathons organized by the Solana Foundation. This series of events aims to provide an opportunity for programmers to familiarize themselves with developing applications on the blockchain through the use of SDK tools provided by significant projects in the Solana Ecosystem: Wormhole, Orca, SolScan, Civic, Crossmint, CandyPay, Shyft, HxroNetwork, Dialect,...

​​📌 With this concept, it will be easier for the participating programmers to develop applications without previous development experience on the Solana blockchain. Developers can instead focus on bringing product ideas to web3/blockchain.

​📌 The event promises to be an opportunity for programmers to demonstrate their application development skills on the Solana platform, with attractive prizes up for grabs.

​💥Organizing Committee💥

Solana Consumer Hack 11 is sponsored and organized by Solana, Superteam Vietnam, and Fabbi JSC. Co-organized by FPT Education (FPT Uni Ho Chi Minh - F Code Club, FPT Polytechnic Hanoi - Da Nang - Tay Nguyen) and W3 Builders Community. 

In the upcoming Solana Consumer Hack 11, participants will have access to a range of development tools provided by four Solana ecosystem partners. These partners are:

  • Wormhole: A cross-chain bridge that enables the transfer of tokens between different blockchains. Learn more:

  • Pyth Network: A decentralized oracle network that provides real-time data feeds for blockchain applications. Learn more:

  • Shyft: A blockchain-based identity verification platform that enables secure and compliant data sharing. Learn more:

  • Game Shift: A platform that enables developers to create and deploy blockchain-based games. Learn more:

These development tools will help participants build innovative and impactful applications on the Solana platform. 

​ 📅 Timeline 

The hackathon series will take place from December 8th, 2023, to January 7th, 2024, with a series of workshops and mentoring sessions leading up to the hackathon day on January 6th, 2024. 

  • 08th Dec 2023 - Registration start

  • ​13th Dec 2023 - Kickoff Workshop 

  • ​16th Dec 2023 - Product Building Workshop with Wormhole, Shyft

  • 23th ​Dec 2023 - Product Building Workshop with Pyth Network, Game Shift

  • ​28th Dec 2023 - Mentoring workshop - FPT Polytechnic Hanoi 

  • ​06th Jan 2024 - Hackathon Day (online & offline Hanoi)

  • 07th Jan 2024 - Demo Pitch (online & offline Hanoi)

​🏆 Solana Consumer Hack 11 offers three main tracks 

1. Main tracks

  • 1st: 8 SOL & $5000 AWS Credit

  • 2nd: 6 SOL & $5000 AWS Credit

  • 3rd: 3 SOL & $5000 AWS Credit

2. Partner tracks 

  • Wormhole: 3 SOL

  • Shyft: 3 SOL

  • Pyth Network: 3 SOL

  • Game Shift: 3 SOL

3. FPT Student Tracks

  • 1st: 3 SOL

  • 2nd: 2 SOL

  • 3rd: 1 SOL

​Solana Consumer Hack 11 promises to be an opportunity for programmers to demonstrate their application development skills on the Solana platform. The event brings attractive prizes and an opportunity for young people to access promising blockchain technology and develop new ideas.

​👉​👉We invite all young and talented programmers to join us in this exciting event and access promising blockchain technology to develop new ideas.



​📌 Superteam VietNam is a community of individuals who are enthusiastic and passionate about Solana and Web3. Superteam VietNam is the regional branch aiming to develop and support the community in Vietnam. The core members of the superteam are individuals with experience in software development and construction (programmers, designers, operators, marketers, etc.).

​📌 Fabbi JSC is a software development company that provides IT services and solutions to large businesses in Vietnam and Japan. The company was established in March 2018 and has since grown rapidly, with nearly 250 employees in Vietnam and Japan and six offices across Hanoi and Tokyo. The company’s services include digital transformation consulting, AI and blockchain-based product development, and IT infrastructure development. You can learn more about Fabbi JSC at

​📌 FPT Education is a major education system in Vietnam that was established in 1999. FPT University is a part of FPT Education and is recognized as a 5-star university for quality training, employment, social responsibility, and infrastructure. FPT Polytechnic is another part of FPT Education that offers vocational education and training for students who graduate from secondary school. It has a wide range of courses, including digital marketing, Internet of Things, and more.

​📌 W3 Builders stands for “We are Builders" - a community organization of Web3 enthusiasts. Their mission is to assist individuals who aspire to become W3 Builders. Their activities encompass two primary forms: Creating educational content and hosting events to connect builders, learn from industry experts, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in Web3 and blockchain.


​​For more information, check out our FB page, Discord, and Twitter.