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This is a hybrid hackathon that coincides with Atlanta's Premier Web3 Conference:

Visit for more info.

October 27th - November 3rd: Virtual Hack Week + Workshops

November 3rd - 5th: Hybrid Hackathon (In-Person and Virtual)

📌 Location: Virtual + In-Person (75 5th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30332)

🗓️ Submission dates: Oct 27, 19:00 - Nov 05, 10:00 UTC


Are the Challenges Released?
They will be released at the Virtual Hackathon Kickoff on October 27th. More info:

How does team formation work in the hackathon?
Team formation happens in this telegram chat

Are there any eligibility requirements for participants?
Anyone can join! Note, by applying you are agreeing to our terms of service:

Who is this hackathon for?
This hackathon is for everyone that wants to learn new skills, team up with awesome buidlers, get creative and participate to have a chance to win prizes from the sponsors.

How does payments work?
Depending on the payout option selected the sponsor will reach out after hackathon is done or send you the prize directly to your submitted wallet address.

How does judging work?
Judging is done by the sponsors based on judging and acceptance criteria of the challenges.

What happens if I win a Challenge?
If you win a challenge, the sponsor or hackathon organizer will reach out or send your prize money directly to your submitted wallet address.

What is team sizes?
1 - 5