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Day 3: Hiring and Being Hired - hosted by Propel & M13

We're wrapping up our series with a final day focuses on functional roles required at a quickly growing startup.

Ben Pulver, Head of Business Operations at BANYAN
Mike Grillo, Chief Strategy Officer at BANYAN

About the session:
In this session, we'll discuss trends in consumer and retail fintech, considerations their teams are making when hiring at the Series A stage, and how they approach hiring. They recently raised their Series A and are hiring across teams and functions.

Much of their team comes from corporate backgrounds and they believe the pivot to startups can be done, no matter your work background, life stage, and experience.

About the speakers:
Ben heads up business operations at BANYAN. Previously he worked for a large corporate company, Ciena. He also has his MBA.

Mike is Chief Strategy Officer. Previously he was at Visa and American Express.

BANYAN is a fintech infrastructure company whose mission is to harness the power of item-level receipt data to empower retailers and consumers. 

Banyan technology enables financial institutions, fintechs, and consumer apps to gain access to item-level transaction details for the first time. Their technology enables financial institutions and fintechs to increase consumers' engagement by delivering personalized experiences, while helping merchants eliminate paper receipts and create a new renewable source of revenue.

Their product informs a range of personal finance management apps, issuing banks, card linked offer providers, health and wellness apps, and other apps showing individuals their habits and patterns so they can make changes for the better.

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