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JS Ecosystem Hackathon

Hosted by Clerk
Registration Closed
This event is not currently taking registrations. You may contact the host or subscribe to receive updates.
About Event

Let's bring together the Javascript ecosystem to ideate, collaborate, and hack on developer tools!

Who's coming?

This event is for library, framework, and runtime developers.

We'll welcome attendees from companies and open source projects of all sizes.

So far, developers from Zod, Qwik, Solid, TanStack, Cloudflare Workers, Bun, nx, T3 and Clerk have registered!


Our goal is to foster cross-functional collaboration, like:

  • As a framework we'd love to do X, but the runtime needs feature Y

  • As a database library we'd love to do X, but the framework needs feature Y

  • As a UI library we'd love to do X, but typescript needs feature Y

Too often, these discussions only happen internally, and the need for "feature Y" never reaches the other party. Meanwhile, the other party is just waiting for a meaningful use-case.

We hope this event will lead to more extensible tooling, improved partnerships, and ultimately a better experience for developers using our tools.

What will my day be like?

Bring your laptop and come ready to code! We want this to feel like a company hackathon, except your "company" is the broader Javascript ecosystem.

We don't care if you start that morning or if you started months ago. We encourage forked dependencies, outlandish integrations, and some handwaving required.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be catered and scheduled events will be kept to a minimum:

  • During lunch, we will host a panel or talk

  • During dinner (6pm), attendees will be encouraged to share a demo of what they've been working on

  • Following dinner, the space is reserved until 9pm so we can continue to hack or socialize

May 4, don't I have something else around then?

Yes, Reactathon is May 2-3, and also in San Francisco. This event is the day after to ease travel schedules a bit.

Is it free?

Yes. There is no cost to attendees.