Cover Image for Aggregation Cave (coworking powered by Polygon Labs)
Cover Image for Aggregation Cave (coworking powered by Polygon Labs)
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Aggregation Cave (coworking powered by Polygon Labs)

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Welcome to the Aggregation Cave, a dev hangout during ETHDenver for coworking, friend-making, and escaping the happy madness.

For those who want to be nerdsniped: From 10-2pm each day, show up for hands-on demos, whiteboard sessions, roundtables, tech chats, and deep dives into dev tooling and resources. Plus, snick-snax!

Cowork. Build. Network. Get aggregated.


  • Venture X Lodo

    • When you arrive at the Dairy Block/Milk Market complex (1800 Wazee St), find the security desk. Tell them you are there for Agg Cave at VentureX.

    • Behind security are elevators. 

    • Go up to Floor 3.


  • Feb 26 - March 2 (8am - 5pm)

  • March 3 (8am-noon)


  • Fast wifi, desks, chairs, power outlets

  • Water, Coffee, tea and NA beverages available

  • Light lunch @ Noon each day

Open registration. Entry subject to venue capacity.

Show your registration confirmation at the merch table in the cave and get exclusive merch from Polygon Labs and collaborators.

Daily Schedule

8-10 am: Coffee and coworking

10-2 pm: Sessions (see each day session breakdown below)

NOON: Lunch

2-5 pm: Coffee and coworking


Mon 2/26 Sessions

10:00 AM Polygon Co-working Kickoff - Ayush Bhadauria (Polygon)

10:30 AM What is Polygon CDK and whiteboarding the CDK stack - Gabriel Silva (Polygon)

11:00 AM ERC-7579, Minimal modular smart accounts with Biconomy - Aniket Jindal

1:00 PM Building a zkVM using MIPS - Stephen Duan, Developer Lead ZKM

1:30 PM Performance Optimization of Full Nodes for Rollup Environments - Josh Klopfenstein (Nethermind)

Tues 2/27 Sessions

10:30 AM Understanding NOVA and How NOVA got broken - Tamaghna Basu

11:00 AM A brisk of ERC 4626, Eular Vault kit (EVK) , Working with Ethereum Vault Connector (EVC) - Michael Bentley (Euler)

11:30 AM What is AMB and working with AMB Access / Query - John Liu (Amazon)

1:00 PM What is Polygon ID and Proof of uniqueness [Tech Talk] - Elias Garcia

1:30 PM Working with dynamic credentials [White boarding session] - Elias Garcia (Polygon ID)

Wed 2/28 Sessions

10:00 AM Aggregation is all you need [ Technical talk ] - David Silverman and Paul Gebheim (Polygon)

10:30 AM Whiteboarding Aggregation Layer: Interoperability for Non-Polygon Chains - David Silverman and Paul Gebheim (Polygon)

11:00 AM Setup your own CDK testnet on traditional cloud services with Snapchain - Zidong Zhang

11:30 AM MPC or AA: what suits better for your product needs? - Nitya Subramanian (Capsule)

1:00 PM Building a Trustless Light Client Assistant in your Browser - Roman Dvorkin, Incubation Engineer, Fireblocks

1:30 PM ZK-rollup for capturing oracle extractable value -Billy Jitsu, API 3

3:30 PM Accelerating Client-Side Cryptography with WebGPU - Koh Wei Jie and Tal Derei, Geometry

4:00 PM Audience Q&A with Sandeep Nailwal/ Moderated by Hudson Jameson

Thurs 2/29 Sessions

10:00 AM WTF is Polygon? - Marc Boiron (Polygon)

10:30 AM Privacy scales better - how zk and off-chain storage are used in Miden - Dominik Schmid

11:00 AM Miden rollup whiteboard session with Bobbin Threadbare

11:30 AM Working with STARK Rollup - ClassLambda

1:30 PM How TradFi views crypto including modeling digital assets - VanEck

2:00 PM Plonky libraries - Daniel Lubarov (Polygon)

3:00 PM Circle STARKs: efficient proofs over the Mersenne prime field M31 - Ulrich Haböck (Polygon)

3:30 PM Exploring Miden & KEOM - KEOM

Fri, March 1 Sessions

10:00 AM Polygon zkEVM - Jordi Baylina (Polygon)

10:30 AM Polygon zkEVM Whiteboarding - Eduardo Antuña Díez and Héctor Masip Ardevol (Polygon)

11:00 AM Deploy an L2 using Polygon CDK and create your first dApp in 20 minutes with ThirdWeb - Muhammed Meigooni and Jarrod Watts

11:30 AM - Eli Bin Sasson (Starkware) and Bobbin Threadbare Fireside chat

12 - 2 PM LUNCH (hosted by FWB)

Sat, March 2 Sessions

10:30 AM Understanding Provers and improving zk-rollup performance with proof recursion - David Barreto (Starknet)

11:00 am Whiteboarding session: Building a zkEVM on Cairo VM - Danilo, Co-Founder & Ecosystem Lead @KakarotZkEvm

11:30 AM Zeeve - 30 min demo of Polygon CDK - Dr. Ravi Chamria

Venture X Denver Lodo
1800 Wazee St 3rd floor, Denver, CO 80202, USA
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Polygon Labs
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