Cover Image for Palestine Charity Draw #3
Cover Image for Palestine Charity Draw #3
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Palestine Charity Draw #3

Hosted by Sarah Dyer
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About Event

​​Hey everyone!

​​I'm hosting another 'donate what you can' drawing event on WEDNESDAY 28TH 7-8 PM GMT. The suggested donation amount is £3 but please feel free to donate more or less depending on your situation and income. At the same time, this is an open to all event and I'm more than happy for you to join even if you can't pay anything.

​​This session will be co-hosted by my friend and poet Andrew McMillan. He will read some Palestinian poetry while we draw. The theme this month is Palestine and their animals.

​​The money raised will be donated to UNRWA. After the UK and many other countries cruelly cut funding I felt this was the best place for us to donate this month.

​​Any anti-Semitic, or anti-Islamic comments or behaviours will not be tolerated in the session and you will be removed and blocked. This is a peaceful session and we are here to show support for the Palestinian people.

​​There will be 2-3 images to draw from, the session will last about an hour - we will draw for about 20 minutes for each image. Please bring any materials you naturally like to work with, or anything new you'd like to try out!

​​Wednesday 28th January 7-9pm GMT

​​The session will be recorded for anyone that can't make it live, a recording will be sent out afterwards to the email address you registered with. The access to the recording will last for one month.

You can tag me afterwards on Instagram @sarahdyer_illustrator and I'll try and share as much work as possible.

​​Tell your friends and see as many of you as possible there!

​​Sarah x

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