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❄️ Data on the rocks

Hosted by Deepnote Team
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Come wind down after Day 1 of the Snowflake Summit with us!

By far the best happy hour on the block (literally). Yardbird Bar is located at The Venetian, a 4-min walk from the Ceasar's Forum where the Snowflake Summit is taking place. Chicken, waffles, craft cocktails, exclusive swag and good conversations will be had.

We hope you will have a wonderful evening connecting with like-minded folks and chatting work and beyond. See you there! 👋

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Deepnote is a new kind of data notebook that’s built for collaboration — Jupyter compatible, in the cloud, with sharing as easy as sending a link. Deepnote works with the tools and frameworks you’re already using, including Python, SQL and R. Easily connect to data sources with dozens of native integrations, including Snowflake and Snowpark!

Airbyte is the modern open-source ELT standard that replicates data from the long tail of APIs, databases & files to data warehouses, lakes and other destinations. Airbyte Cloud disrupts the ELT market with its transparent compute-based pricing and open-source extensibility.

Census is the leading Operational Analytics platform for syncing data from cloud data warehouses to downstream apps to enable business teams to take smarter, faster action. Census turns data warehouses into a hub for business operations, empowering everyone with trustworthy and actionable data. With its reverse ETL (extract, transfer, and load) tool, data teams can validate and publish analytics directly into all their applications in real-time.