Cover Image for Delysium Private Yacht Party
Cover Image for Delysium Private Yacht Party
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Delysium Private Yacht Party

Hosted by Queena Tsai & Mike Kim
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Set sail with us for a luxurious evening on a private yacht party this March 27, featuring complimentary refreshments, spectacular views of Seoul by night, and unparalleled opportunities for networking with the luminaries of AI and blockchain.

📌 Note: Limited slots, attendance is by invitation or accepted tickets only.

About Delysium

Delysium stands for "Blockchain for AI, AI for Humanity", merging Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents with blockchain technology to shape a future where these two forces collaborate for humanity's benefit. We foster an ecosystem where AI agents and human needs are in balance. By integrating these agents with the security of blockchain, Delysium paves the way for a future where AI is an essential and reliable partner in our lives, enriching human experiences through their efficiency and innovative capabilities.

Building on this innovation, Delysium has created the 'YKILY' AI Agent Network, designed to facilitate communication between our AI agents. Agents like Lucy will increasingly play vital roles in our lives and economy, as the capabilities of AI agents increase, they will work more autonomously to fulfill our tasks.

Delysium's vision goes beyond merging technologies; it's about creating a comprehensive digital ecosystem, driven by advanced algorithms, where AI agents are seamlessly integrated into daily life and business.

About zk.Link Nova

​zkLink Nova is the pioneering Aggregated Layer 3 Rollup zkEVM network that brings unprecedented liquidity and asset aggregation to Ethereum and its Layer 2 Rollups. Built with ZK Stack and zkLink Nexus, it leverages ZK Proofs to enhance scalability and security. Developers enjoy an open platform for deploying Solidity smart contracts, instantly tapping into integrated networks like Arbitrum and zkSync. Nova simplifies DeFi by presenting a unified ecosystem for users and DApps, promoting a seamless blockchain experience.

zkLink is funded by notable backers including Coinbase Ventures, Solana Ventures, SIG DTI, Huobi Ventures, Efficient Frontier, and others.

About DFG

Digital Finance Group (DFG) is a global blockchain and cryptocurrency investment firm founded in 2015 with assets under management of over $1 billion through a wide range of sectors within the blockchain ecosystem such as Web3.0, CeFi, DeFi, NFTs, and the Polkadot ecosystem.

Our investments include Circle, Ledger, Coinlist, FV Bank, Astar, ChainSafe and over 100 more. Through analytical research, DFG intends to create value based on the most impactful and promising global blockchain and Web3.0 projects that will bring a paradigm shift to the world.

About Jsquare

Jsquare is a research and technology-driven investment firm that is dedicated to facilitating the mass adoption of blockchain technology. Founded in 2021, Jsquare self-funded its operations and currently manages an AUM of over $150 million dollars.

With a focus on identifying top-tier teams with growth potential, Jsquare has strategically invested in approximately 70 projects across various sectors. These sectors include CeFi (Coinlist, 3iQ, FV Bank, etc.), NFT/GameFi/Metaverse (Pudgy Penguins, BigTime, Apeiron, etc.), Layer 1 (Linera, Shardeum, Zetachain, Oasys, etc.), and Infrastructure (Gensyn, ChainSafe, Chainbase, Cookie3, etc.), among others.

About Republic Crypto

Republic Crypto is a world-class team of strategists who accelerate the growth of Web3 by supporting its most ambitious builders and investors, by guiding crypto projects from seed to liquidity—advising on token economics, smart contract development, marketing, fundraising, and more. Republic Crypto also features a global token offering platform, early and growth stage institutional crypto funds, enterprise-grade infrastructure, treasury, and portfolio management solutions, and a web3 venture studio. The Republic ecosystem has raised over $2.6 billion in investments, and comprises a community of over 3 million users across 150 countries.

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