Open Source Software: Why now?

Jun 10 (Thu), 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM Coordinated Universal Time


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Next Venture Talks: Open Source Software: Why Now?

- June 8, 2021, 10am CET -

The idea is to discuss thru examples & perspectives as open source founders and investors about: costs, freedom & flexibility vs. centralized governance, how open source helps attract talent and its community aspect, why open source could become the model for innovation.
We will also discuss the risks, how to choose an open source project to integrate into one company's development and more.

This episode will be co-hosted with

  • Alexis Kovalenko, Co-Founder & host @ Contournement & No-Code France.

  • Raph Grieco, Founder @ UPCOMINGVC® & host @ Runway Series

Confirmed participants:

  • Sarah Nöckel, VC @ Northzone

  • Sacha Labourey, Co-Founder & ex-CEO now Chief Strategy Officer @ CloudBees

  • John Lafleur, Co-Founder @ Airbyte, YC W20

  • Emile Vauge, Co-Founder & CEO @ Traefik Labs

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