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Beyond Code is Law: A Workshop on DAO Constitutions

Hosted by Q Protocol
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Denver, Colorado
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At the heart of every DAO is its community and the chosen governance structure that guides its decision-making. It can be argued that the primary purpose of a DAO is to collectively govern the activities of its members.

Although DAOs have traditionally relied on smart contracts and informal social governance structures, many have begun to formalize their decision-making processes by creating "DAO Constitutions": written rule sets that serve as a foundation for their decision-making.

In this workshop, we will address the fundamental question that arises when setting up a DAO constitution:

Does your DAO require a constitution?

Active sharing workshop participants’ experience is encouraged. The goal is to have a live discussion, share (painful) learnings and alert DAO contributors to the risks and opportunities that DAO constitutions bring. 

There will be food.


  • ​Martin Schmidt - Q

  • Kyle McLean Smith - LexDAO

  • ​Gerrit Brügge - Q

In the context of this workshop, a “Constitution” will be a document that lays out the rules by which decisions in the DAO shall be made. A constitution thereby goes beyond more informal descriptions of intent like a “manifesto” or white paper.