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Tell Your Story! [Interactive Training]

Hosted by Skillsme Academy
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馃憠Do you want to spark interest in your listeners every time you speak?

馃憠To get people to WANT to hear what you have to say? 馃憘

馃憠To be able to connect even with people you have met for the first time 鉂

Skillsme Academy invites you to boost your communication skills in this interactive 1-hour session led by its distinguished storytelling trainer and TEDx Coach Irina Suvorova 馃弳

In this session, you'll be practicing sharing personal and professional stories and refining your storytelling techniques to be able to engage and connect with anyone.

Our attendees report:

鉁匓oosted expressiveness and the ability to grab people鈥檚 attention

鉁匲nshakable confidence when speaking in personal and professional situations

鉁匨astered ability to explain difficult topics and build rapport

鉁匘eveloped ability to connect on an emotional level and persuade

鉁匢mproved presenting and public speaking skills

鉁匜aster thinking on their feet as the class prepares them for telling stories without prep

All the learning is done in small groups and a friendly supportive environment. You鈥檒l be given a task by the trainer to do in a breakout room after which you鈥檒l be getting personalised feedback to help you develop the skill of storytelling even faster 馃殌 4th January 2023. So don鈥檛 miss the chance to improve now!

<<You don鈥檛 need to do any prep for the class>>

馃啌 This class is part of Connect with Anyone programme. The first entry is free!

馃拋鈥嶁檧锔 Meet your trainer: Irina Suvorova

Award-winning public speaker, public speaking trainer, Distinguished Toastmaster, storyteller, B2B sales specialist and TEDx Coach.

馃挱 Our students said:

"When I started, I was a very bad storyteller. People would often not listen to my stories till the end, interrupt me or get distracted. Then I participated in Skillsme Academy's Storytelling gym with course, they became the game changer for me. There was a minimum of useless talking and a maximum of learning and practice. But what I enjoyed the most is that now I fell in love with telling stories because my delivery has changed so much that people want to listen to me more and more! Thank you so much Skillsme Academy!" Anastasia B.

锘筐煉 Don鈥檛 delay your growth. Become an inspiring charismatic communicator today! 馃挜

馃搶 Join our sessions on Wednesdays at 18:30 - 19:30 London (UK) time once every two weeks. See the full schedule here.

馃挭 Learn about the full programme Connect with Anyone here.


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