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Event Information

Join the ReFi movement

We are gathering friends from across the climate and crypto landscape in Lisbon to celebrate the regenerative finance movement in web3 during Solana Breakpoint.

Starting off with an open discussion on "What is ReFi?" we'll share the bull-case for regeneration and why this is one of the most promising trends of our time.

We'll feature top ReFi projects on Solana and open the conversation about Why ReFi is so important and why people would choose to build on Solana as opposed to anywhere else.

There will be food, drinks, talks and an amazing gathering of hearts and minds!

Focus areas

We'll have three main focus areas during the event

  1. Showcasing ReFi projects on Solana (like Gainforest, EcoToken and Crypto Coral Tribe)

  2. Opening the ReFi opportunity in Portugal

  3. Open social space to hang out and connect

The event is kindly sponsored by Solana and is being organized by Jason and his team from 12butterflies.


Gainforest, Regen Network, Eco Token, Orca, Project Aegis, de_plan and ReFi DAO

What is ReFi?

For those of you who don't know, ReFi stands for "Regenerative Finance". It is the combination of two disciplines:

  1. Regenerative economics

  2. Decentralized finance (DeFi)

It aims to redesign money and it's flow of value in order to solve the most pressing challenges of our time:

  1. Climate change

  2. Biodiversity collapse

  3. Social injustice

ReFi is a movement, but it's also an awakening as people all over the world realize the beauty of the human experience and our utter dependance on one another—and the planet.

Without a thriving biosphere we cannot survive.

People talk about saving the planet, but really what we're talking about is saving ourselves. The planet will be fine...

If you're curious about how mission-driven communities and the power of web3 can be used to make a positive impact in the world while also making financial sense, ReFi is for you.

Come and join a vibrant local ReFi community in Portugal who have already hosted several events this year from the inaugural ReFi Portugal event in pioneering regenerative village Traditional Dream Factory as well as ReFi Lisbon during NEAR conference with Open Forest Protocol and Raiz Vertical Farms.



Brian Rossetti
Maciek Zuko
Juan Caballero
Jeanette Seng