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Generalist World ⚡Speed Networking⚡

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About Event

Speed networking..... It does exactly what it says on the tin! 😝 Join us for a power-30 minutes of meeting, mixing, and mingling with like-minded generalist folks.

You're very welcome to come along even if you're not a GW member.

How it works:
⚡ Meet 5 generalists for 5 minutes each.

💜 Always a great chance to mix and mingle with the rest of the community!

💌 Everyone's fave:

"It was so easy to chat with everyone and find common ground. Could have chatted all day!"

"Fantastic session and set-up for speed networking! Looking forward to the next one🙌"


"Such a great group of people, thanks for getting us together I really enjoyed it!"

"The BEST. It's my favorite of our events!"

"Thank you, it was very energising! Wish we had more time, each generalist is a whole universe to explore!"

"It was fast! But good. Really fascinating to meet so many people with different interests, skills and passions (and from all over the world)."