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AI Praxis - Global Exponential View Mixer

Hosted by Exponential Do & Nathan
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About Event

We are hosting a series of global mixer events for members of Exponential View with the goal to encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience across our membership.

In this May edition of the members' mixer hosted by Exponential View team member Nathan Warren, we will bring a practice EV team commits to daily to speed up internal learning on AI use.

During this mixer, members will be asked to bring a specific AI/LLM technique they have utilised. This can range from a particular tool to a well-crafted prompt, but the emphasis should always be on practical applications.

Each member who wants to present will have 5 minutes to present, followed by 5-10 minutes for discussion.

To present your use case on the day, please fill out this form.

The number of spots is limited — members of Exponential Do Slack and members with the annual subscription will get priority.

RSVP does not guarantee attendance, but it is required in order to express your interest. Please RSVP, and we will send out final invitations to selected participants at least two weeks before the event date.