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Polygon Guild Bangkok - APAC Tour

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Hey there!

👋 Does the idea of coming together as a community, learning together, and building in public excite you?
Then we’ve got some news for you!

The APAC region Guild chapter is getting started with events across nine different cities in the region. 🥳🎉

Through short speaking sessions and introductory presentations on how you can get started with some of our dev tool partners, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the latest Web3 tech. Each event will feature an amazing lineup of speakers discussing everything from what’s in store for the future of Ethereum to learning about Polygon zkEVM, the latest in Layer-2 ZK-rollup technology, Polygon ID, and more as well!

Ready to explore all such possibilities?
Then, see you on the other side!

Draft Schedule (actual schedule might be slightly different)

6pm: Polygon overview. Exciting stuffs you can build on/with: Polygon zkEVM, Polygon ID, DappStoreKit, etc.

6.25pm: Newman capital remarks

6.30pm: session

6.45pm: Wallet security with Trust Wallet

7.00pm: Building with Infura - ConsenSys

7.15pm: session

7.30pm: *Surprise exercise + networking

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