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Past Event
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Let's get together with peers to discuss the last Lunch Analysis and your current challenges.

  • Recording and slides for our previous session "Don't Fear the Reaper!" in our resource library.


  • Major/Principal/Planned Gifts - Chair: Ann Kolakowski (this group meets separately, contact Ann for details)

  • Annual Fund/Volunteer Engagement/Marketing

  • Independent Schools, Leadership - Chair: Jen Raxter (this groups meet separately, contact Jen for details)

Social Services & Agencies

  • Leadership - Chairs: Heather Thompson, Elias Ortega (this group meets separately, contact Heather or Elias for details)

  • Major/Principal/Planned Gifts

  • Annual Fund/Volunteer Engagement/Marketing



  • Nonprofit news fundraisers - Chairs: Heather Troup, CJ Ortuño (this group meets separately, contact Heather or CJ for details)

Gaming Fundraising

DPP Consulting Interest

  • Chair: Perry Radford (this group meets separately, contact Perry for details)

*Guidelines for Chairs

**Please contact Louis if you'd like to volunteer or create your own group.**