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About Event

Developing success through Mindset - Our thoughts (internal/inside) can shift our behavior and actions, which will shift the external (outside) outcome.

Class A.

Mindset for self-worth, growth, and rewiring negative thinking

  • What is mindset and how can it help or harm you?

  • What is Neuroplasticity?

  • What can this help with:

    • Negative self-worth, negative self-talk, excessive self-criticism.

You will leave the session with a deeper understanding of why you have your thoughts, what they mean now, and how they affect your life and business. A plan of what you can do to enhance your mindset and create a growth environment for yourself and your business.

Workshop A. (members-only) - August 17th, 11 am EST

  • How to use Neuroplasticity with rewiring your thoughts/internal narrative

  • How to create a daily mindset habit for self-growth & business growth.

  • What can this help with:

    • Negative internal visualization and low self-potential.

  • Discussions on where this will affect your own personal and business development.

You will leave the session with a solid and deeper understanding & awareness of your personal needs regarding managing a negative mindset or a more consistent mindset. How to be aware when it “flares up” and how to apply some of the tools that you will practice during this session.

Class B.

From thought awareness to intentional mindset - building for success

You have some self-awareness that your thoughts aren't helping you or your success, but you forget, you get stuck in your old ways. this class is for you!

  • This class will help you prioritize your focus to gain the greatest value with your new mindset practices, based on your personal experiences.

  • What can this help with:

    • Relationships, Procrastination, self-sabotage, problems with overcoming adversity, problem-solving, and Business growth.

You will leave this class with a blueprint for you to follow to help you achieve and track your own mindset growth.

Workshop B. (members-only) - September 21th 11 am EST

It’s hard to get the new thoughts or beliefs to stick. It affects your life and the speed at which your business is growing.

This workshop will show you how to use the blueprint for accelerated mindset growth, how to track your ups and downs, how to stay consistent, and how to put mindset practices into your daily habits.

There will be time for Q&A at the end of each meeting.

How to Prepare
Prepare to take notes so that you can utilize the instruction on your own daily to catapult your own growth.

Worksheet provided to participants, with tools for self-use.

Make sure you bring a friend with you! See you from the other side of growth.