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Growing Community — Building a Go-To-Community framework.

Hosted by Orbit, Erin Mikail Staples & Rosie Sherry
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This is an Orbit Community Learning Sprint Week where we are focusing on ideas and perspectives to help you nurture and grow your community.

Growth is crucial for communities generally speaking it comes in conversations, creating value and building trust. However, community builders need to take a different approach compared to how other parts of a business traditionally grows.

Earlier this year Patrick Woods wrote about why we need Go-To-Community as a community strategy, not just Go-To-Market and we are totally on board with this idea!

In this session we will present a draft concept of a Go-To-Community Framework:

✨ What do we need to think about, as community builders for Go-To-Community?

✨ What should be in or out of scope with a Go-To-Community approach?

✨ How is it different from Go-To-Market?

✨ What should be the overall structure of a Go-To-Community approach?

We are presenting in progress ideas and thoughts and will be looking for feedback to implement into the final version.