Growing Community — A Guide to Building Community Flywheels



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This is an Orbit Community Learning Sprint Week where we are focusing on ideas and perspectives to help you nurture and grow your community.

Growth is crucial for communities generally speaking it comes in conversations, creating value and building trust. However, community builders need to take a different approach compared to how other parts of a business traditionally grows.

We lack mental models, metaphors and frameworks when it comes to thinking how to think about growing communities.

Communities work well when:

✨  there is natural momentum

✨  it is repeatable

✨  approach it like a jigsaw puzzle

✨  each pieces support another

✨  we understand what and why it works

And the concept of Community Flywheels fits nicely into all these things.

In this session we will explore:

✨  Why community flywheels

✨  Strategic community flywheels

✨  Tactical community flywheels

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