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How To Grow 10x At Your Company

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People aspire to obtain leadership roles as quickly as possible.

The problem is when people think about businesses and their careers it’s often two dimensional — leadership and operators. Leadership are supposed to understand the fundamentals of the business, its strategy and growth potential. And operators should be specialists in their functions and ensure their reporting metrics are achieved.

Except we would argue that all employees of companies should have an appreciation of how their business works. Businesses are driven by incentives, which means the best way to align your work with your company’s incentives is by understanding the business. If you haven’t asked yourself how your work affects the business, it’s time.

It’s how you can build better career outcomes in the long run and grow 10x at your company.

In this session learn from Raj (Co-Founder, Stoa) about growing 10x at your company and how it will help your career in the long term. In the end, you’ll learn:

  1. How to tie your growth with the company’s growth

  2. How do CEOs think about which resources and projects to part ways with

  3. What customer obsession is all about

  4. How cash and utilisation of capital are thought about

  5. How different parts of the company affect each other