Cover Image for Climate Nonprofits & Sustainable Small Businesses Meetup
Cover Image for Climate Nonprofits & Sustainable Small Businesses Meetup
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Climate Nonprofits & Sustainable Small Businesses Meetup

Hosted by Catherine Cheng & SF Climate Week
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San Francisco, California
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An afternoon of networking, collaboration, and climate action hosted by a climate tech angel investor.

The climate fight onus has largely focused on governmental institutions and big corporations. Where do small businesses and nonprofits fit in? What can they do to fight climate change? How can they get the financial and human capital they need to make a greater impact?

Join this networking event to hear how small businesses and nonprofits fight climate change today + how you can get involved (e.g. SCORE mentor, Drink ZYN brand ambassador, Taproot pro bono volunteer, Catchafire pro bono volunteer, EarthShare member, & Milkywire donor)

Note: You have the option to purchase your own food & drink from Boudin Bakery (Boudin Bakery Menu) or somewhere else nearby of your choice.

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About Host: Catherine Cheng is an angel investor of 4+ years with a portfolio of 50+ investments including two successful exits of $7M each in the health tech sector. Her investments in Aptera Motors and Terraformation sparked her interest in the climate tech sector. This led her to join and graduate from the inaugural cohort of the Climate Angels Program by Climate Capital. She is recruiting 3,000 new climate investors in her fight against climate change. Will you step up and join her?

About Boudin Bakery: In 1849, Isidore Boudin combined his skill of French bread baking with fermented wild yeast nurtured by the fog-cooled air. This magical combination created The Original San Francisco Sourdough™ – Boudin. The bread with its dark golden crust, soft, chewy center, and distinctive flavor soon became a local favorite. We are San Francisco’s oldest continuously operating business. Much has changed since our boomtown beginnings, but one thing hasn’t: our commitment to honor and preserve the art and science of The Original San Francisco Sourdough™

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San Francisco, California
58 Going