Webinar - Understanding Diversity & Inclusion: A Beginners Session



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Diversity & Inclusion is not just a policy on paper. It needs to be accepted, implemented successfully, and above all,  taken seriously.

Moderated by Abhash Kumar - VP of Marketing at Springworks, we are delighted to invite you to an in-depth discussion on Understanding Diversity & Inclusion: A Beginners Session.


  1. Pallavi Pareek - CEO at Conduct

  2. Alisha Gonsalves - Head of growth at Conduct. 

What is your takeaway from this webinar?

  • What is Diversity & Inclusion? 

  • How does it come into play in the context of a workplace? 

  • What do workplace leaders need to do to understand Diversity & Inclusion? 

  • What are the workplace Diversity & Inclusion mandates? 

  • How can workplaces know when to create appropriate Diversity & Inclusion interventions in the workplace?

  • Do Diversity & Inclusion mandates change for different workplaces? E.g., Different for startups, mid-size, enterprises, etc. 

  • Can Diversity & Inclusion be measured or derived through data?

  • What will the Diversity & Inclusion Pulse do for organizations? 

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