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GTM Operations - From Strategy to Execution

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​​**You can attend this event for free, or name your own price. The Operations Nation team is building a community-powered knowledge hub for current and future operations leaders, and any funds we collect will enable us to focus on this project full-time.**

We’re halfway through 2023 and businesses everywhere are adapting to a challenging environment. 

Venture-backed SaaS companies have a uniquely challenging pivot to execute as the “growth at any cost” mindset has shifted to a “predictable, sustainable and profitable growth” requirement.

So how can GTM (sales, marketing, customer success) and operations leaders...

  • Align around a shared vision that connects the dots of today’s reality;

  • Chart a credible path to sustainable growth;

  • Give teams the practical clarity and tools they need to adapt and execute

Join us for a conversation on how GTM Ops can play a critical role in this environment.

We’ll explore practical frameworks that cut through the noise and a tested methodology for building effective GTM Operations.

Our guest speakers:

Jeff Courtney

Jeff is a Financial Services leader with deep experience in both high-growth and transformation environments. He has held COO roles in both Sales and Risk functions in several banks as well as in venture-backed FinTech. His experience includes building, scaling, and transforming operations for teams ranging from 10 to 2,500.

Jeff is not only a long-standing member of Operations Nation, but also a co-author of one of our COO Survival Guide chapters, as well as a speaker at our Chief Operating Officer Course.

Christian Barr

Christian is an accomplished SaaS Go-to-Market executive with experience across sales, marketing, operations, and product management. He’s built successful go-to-market, sales, and marketing strategies, led growth programs and product launches, and achieved revenue goals at companies across different stages of growth; from pure startup to scale-up, to enterprise growth.

Our moderator:

Simon Rodrigues

Simon is a strategist, writer, and consultant working with startups and scaleups in the UK, US, and Latin America.

Through his consulting arm (Saber Works), he focuses on strategic storytelling to help startups think, speak, and grow.

Through his newsletter (Technopoly), he covers the latest news and analysis of Latin America's exploding tech and VC ecosystem. Each week, the newsletter reaches 2,000+ subscribers from the world's top tech companies, VCs, and banks.

On the side, he's also an informal scout and 'fixer' that connects founders, VCs, and operators on both sides of the Atlantic.