Cover Image for March for Googly Eyes on the T
Cover Image for March for Googly Eyes on the T

March for Googly Eyes on the T

Hosted by Googly Eyes MBTA
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Picture this – it’s a Thursday morning, you’re late for work, and have a stressful day coming up. You’re standing at the T station, waiting for the red line. Maybe you’re growing impatient and frustrated as you wait, when finally you hear the sound of the train approaching. And then, as the train comes into view, you see them: two, giant, glorious, Googly Eyes glued onto the front of the train. 

Your day immediately becomes 10 times better. The T train is your friend. It has PERSONALITY. It cares about you. It sees you.

Yes, our vision for the T, is to give the T vision.

We call on the MBTA to attach Googly Eyes to the front of T trains. 

There is precedent for this. In Vancouver every December, public transit buses are dressed up like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. They’re given Googly eyes and red nose, and there’s an active Twitter community of people celebrating the joy it brings into their lives.

Look: the MBTA has a responsibility to improve the lives of Bostonians. If the trains can’t be reliable, at least they can be fun and bring a smile to the faces of over a million people per day. Compared to the $24 BILLION dollars it will take to fix the T, simply adding Googly eyes to trains could represent a budget of merely a few hundred dollars. Think of all of the new T riders who will come from around the globe to revel in the glory of Boston’s trains.

Bring some joy into our lives, give the T lines googly eyes!

Humans are an empathetic species—we want to relate to the world around us, to feel a connection to our surroundings and our public transit system. When T trains are delayed, people can at least look into the eyes of the train when it finally arrives, and feel some love and understanding in their hearts. The T doesn’t want to be late. It feels bad being late. 

MBTA, we call on you to try an experiment: just for a few weeks, on a small percentage of T trains, see what Googly Eyes will do for the city of Boston. And when the ridership and public satisfaction of the T are through the roof—you’ll know why.  👀🚊👀🚊

On April 29th, 2024 from 12PM to 1PM, the people of Boston will march to the MBTA offices (10 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116), starting at Park Street MBTA station, to make our case loud and clear. Come during your lunch break. Join us.

Park Street
Tremont St & Park Street &, Winter St, Boston, MA 02108, USA
We'll be congregating at Park Street MBTA station, marching to Boylston station, and ending in front of the MBTA offices (10 Park Place)