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[Workshop] Belonging as strategy for employees to stay

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About Event

Every workplace seems to be understaffed at the moment. There's real war for talent out there. So what can you do to keep your hard-earned employees?

This workshop will tackle the importance of belonging in the workplace, focusing on the hybrid workplace, and how you can harness it as your organisation's superpower.

Learning objectives

During this workshop, you will learn about:

  • the importance of belonging at work,

  • the belonging needs specific for new hires,

  • strategies that foster a sense of belonging at work,

  • new models (ACES and BELONG) for employee engagement with belonging as strategy and their practical application.

The resources that you will get is drawn out of a massive amount of literature on belonging and the results of my own research on belonging in the virtual workplace. It is thus a combination of theory and practice. Your active participation is highly appreciated and will give the workshop depth and color.

Who will benefit

You will benefit from this workshop if you:

  • work in internal communication and/or employee engagement,

  • onboard employees or work with managers who do,

  • experience low productivity and high attrition where you work, and

  • advise leaders on how to engage and keep employees.

Need something tailored?

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