Crypto Opportunities for Traditional Businesses



This event is sold out and no longer taking registrations.

Event Information


This is a workshop for founders and managers who want to find crypto opportunities for their non-crypto businesses. Open for all industries, with a specific focus on web2 startups, events, media, education, professional agencies, e-commerce, and recruiting.

The program

In one hour, we will cover:

  • Key areas where crypto can help: new revenue, marketing, fundraising, loyalty, and HR

  • Templates and ideas for crypto projects that can lead to measurable results in 1-2 weeks

  • Common mistakes from businesses adopting crypto

  • Tools and resources to help you get started with crypto

There will also be:

  • Q&A session to brainstorm crypto ideas for attending companies

  • An NFT giveaway for all workshop participants


The workshop is hosted by Superdao CEO, Yury Lifshits. Superdao ( is an all-in-one DAO creation platform used by 1000+ DAO projects and backed by $11.5M funding from 80+ investors.