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WELCOME to the first-ever GOATFest, an exclusive signature event powered by GOAT Network: The First Universal L2, Starting from Bitcoin🔥

We are thrilled to host it for the first time in Nashville during Bitcoin Nashville.

What is GOAT Network?

GOAT Network will launch in Fall 2024 as a Bitcoin Layer 2 network, the first BTC L2 to share network ownership via Decentralized Sequencers.

GOAT Network aims to solve two biggest challenges related to scaling Bitcoin: Security and Sustainable Yield. 

  • On Bitcoin Layer 1, an enhanced version of Bitcoin Timelock and One-time signature (which Babylon also uses) is applied to secure the BTC assets locking. On Bitcoin Layer 2, zkVM + Decentralized Sequencers are applied to verify, challenge, and secure on-chain transactions. 

  • Decentralized Sequencers earn Gas Fees in BTC and Mining Rewards in GOAT Tokens by producing blocks and providing security and round-the-clock liveness to the network, opening the door for node operators, builders, BTC whales, and even small holders to participate in sequencer operations and earn sustainable yield. This structure also enables an innovative BTC bond market, by tokenizing revenue from decentralized sequencers.

GOAT's long-term vision is to become a universal L2 for any L1, backed by its in-house Entangled Rollup technology, which aims to solve both interoperability challenges and fragmented liquidity issues.

Come to GOATFest for a few hours of networking, dance, drinks, and a great time! We have very limited venue capacity, so sign up and secure your spot!

128 2nd Ave N
Nashville, TN 37201, USA
Hosted By
306 Going